History In vitro diagnostics partner for more than 40 years

1980 Formation of Biocon Diagnostics GmbH in Burbach and first production of reagents for clinical chemistry.
1981 Founding of Analyticon as a sales company for Biocon products.
1983 Expansion of the Analyticon product portfolio with the introduction of urine test strips.
1999 First development of our own urine test strips.
2001 Serial production and commercialization of our CombiScreen® product line of urine test strips.
2003 Initial sales of the CombiScan® instrument line with the introduction of the CombiScan® 500 Analyzer.
2004 Market launch of the CombiScan® 100 for medical practices and smaller laboratories.
2006 The fully automated CombiScan® XL expands the CombiScan® family.
2010 Market launch of the Hemolyzer® portfolio, including hematology analyzers and reagents (Hemolyzer® 3 and Hemolyzer® 5).
2012 The Urilyzer® 100 and the Urilyzer® 100 Pro set new standards in urine diagnostics.
2013 The Urilyzer® Sed redefines excellence in urine sediment testing. Along with the Urilyzer® Auto, Analyticon offers a fully automated solution for determining urine status.
2015 Presentation of the Urilyzer® Duo, a fully automated urine workstation for routine laboratory workflows.
2017 Market launch of the Urilyzer® 500 Pro, a semi-automated analyzer for urine test strips.  
2018 Introduction of the Urilyzer® Flex to combine semi-automated test strip measurement with automated microscopy.
2018 Market entry of the Hemolyzer® 3/5 NG, a 3-part and 5-part differential blood panel analyzer.
2020 Market entry of the CombiScreen® mALB / CREA urine test strip on the Urilyzer® 100 Pro
2022 Market entry of the Urilyzer® Cell - automated urine sediment analysis in a compact format