History For over 35 years, Analyticon has been your partner in In-Vitro Diagnostics

1980 Foundation of Biocon Diagnosemittel GmbH in Burbach and first production of clinical chemistry reagents.
1981 Establishment of Analyticon as the trading organization for the Biocon products.
1983 Extension of the Analyticon product portfolio by urine test strips.
1996 Analyticon moves to Lichtenfels-Dalwigksthal and starts the development of latex tests.
1998 Biocon moves from Burbach to Vöhl-Marienhagen and expands the production of reagents to include rapid slide tests, controls and calibrators.
1999 Own development of urine test strips.
2001 Start of own urine test strip production and introduction of the CombiScreen® trademark.
2003 Introducing the CombiScan® urinalysis line with the CombiScan® 500.
2004 Launch of the CombiScan® 100 for physician’s offices and small laboratories.
2006 The CombiScan XL expands the CombiScan family to include a fully automated urine test strip analyzer.
2007 Friedrich von Dalwigk acquired Analyticon from the company founder Dr. Werner Siekmann.
2008 Introducing the Biolyzer® clinical chemistry line with the Biolyzer® 100, a semiautomatic biochemistry analyzer.
2009 Launch of the Biolyzer® 200, a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer for clinical laboratories.
2010 Expansion of the clinical chemistry analyzer portfolio by the Biolyzer® 600.
2010 Introducing the Hemolyzer® line of hematology instruments and reagents (Hemolyzer® 3 and Hemolyzer® 5).
2011 Introducing the Coagulyzer® line of consisting of the semi-automated Coagulyzer® 1, 2 and 4, the fully automated Coagulyzer® 100 and the parameters PT, APPT and Fibrinogen.
2011 Expansion of the clinical chemistry analyzer portfolio by the clinical chemistry analyzer Biolyzer® 300.
2012 Setting new standards in urinalysis with the introduction of the Urilyzer® 100 and the Urilyzer® 100 Pro.
2013 The Urilyzer® Sed automates the Gold Standard in measuring and describing formed elements in urine – the microscopy. In combination with the Urilyzer® Auto a fully-automated workstation in urinalysis is provided.
2015 Launch of the Urilyzer® Duo, a fully automated urine workstation.
2017 Launch Urilyzer® 500 Pro – advanced solution in Urine Diagnostics.  
2018 Launch of the Urilyzer® Flex - the solution for semi-automated test strip and automated microscopy analysis.
2018 Launch Hemolyzer® 3 / 5 NG - 3-part and 5-part WBC DIFF hematology analyzer.
2018 Lauch Coagulyzer® Auto Pro - fully automated hemostasis analyzer.