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News Urilyzer 100

The Urilyzer 100 combines Analyticon’s 30 years of experience in urine testing with an innovative instrumentation enabling a new way in urinalysis. In combination with the Combi­Screen 11 SYS PLUS urine strips the system offers uncompromisingly ease of use, high quality and efficiency in a compact format.
The Urilyzer® 100 Pro additionally provides enhanced operator management and connectivity capabilities to meet the growing demands for compliance management and data capture. The Uri­lyzer 100 series is the most advanced urinalysis system available.
  • Easy, clean and safe automatic start of measurement by strip detection
  • Intuitive and straightforward user-interface operated via color touch screen
  • Up to 120 tests/hour (in fast mode) or up to 50 tests/hour (in normal mode)
  • Enhanced operator management prevents unauthorized use
  • Automatic result transmission by LIS or automatic print-out of test results

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