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News Dual Study program presented in Gießen

On 7th of April, the "Duale Studienbörse" took place for the first time at the Congress Hall in Gießen/Hesse. Analyticon was there to present its offers of dual study programs.

Head of Human Resources Mirja Stern stated: "For the upcoming semester we are looking for ambitious and dedicated young people who want to join Analyticon with a sophisticated dual biotechnology study. This makes us one of the first companies in the region that offer a dual study in the field of natural sciences."

In this dual study program, the students switch between internships in the company and the teaching of theory at the university "Anhalt" for a period of six semesters. The study is finished with the graduation Bachelor of Science. Analyticon has already gained very good experience with a similar integrated program in business administration, the "Studium Plus" at the Technical University "Mittelhessen".

Lisa Schmidt, Analyticon's current student of this business management program, supported the presentation and answered questions from the high school seniors based on her own experience.

As part of her project work in the Human Resources department she  identified the dual study of biotechnology and implemented the programm as a useful addition to the development offerings of Analyticon.