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The Urilyzer® Duo is a newly designed fully-automated urine workstation. It is the ideal combination of urine chemistry and urine sediment connected by a bridge solution - UriTrail.  The urine chemistry analyzer offers a high-end pipetting system with ascorbic acid protected urine test strips. The urine sediment analyzer provides high-quality imaging results including automated identification and classification of urine particles that are verifiable on screen. The results are shown in an integrated customizable report.

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More details & features

  • Reliable performance
  • User-friendliness
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Professional support

Sample types Native urine
Sample loading 100 samples
Throughput 240 tests/hour / up to 90 tests/hour
Sample volume 3 ml
Data storage 10,000 / 200,000
Display Built-in touchscreen / External laser printer
Printer Internal/external
Windows based Yes
Interfaces Serial RS232, USB, Ethernet
Dimensions 1580 x 650 x 635 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 120 kg
Operating environment Temperature: +15°C to +30°C
Relative humidity (non-condensing): 20% to 80%
Consumables Urine test strips, water / 3 cleaning solutions
Daily maintenance Up to 6 min.
Performance Urine Chemistry
Parameters Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Ascorbic acid, Glucose, Protein (Albumin), Blood (Hemoglobin), pH, Nitrite, Leucocytes via CombiScreen® 11 Auto urine test strip;
Specific gravity, Color, Turbidity via PMC (Physical Measurement Cell) module
No. of parameters 10 + 3 (PMC)
Onboard stability 3 days
Measurement technology Reflectance photometer with 4 wavelengths: 505, 530, 620, 660 nm + PMC
Loading capacity 150 urine test strips (one tube)
Performance Urine Sediment
Parameters 11 Auto-classified particles: Normal Red blood cells, Abnormal Red blood cells, White blood cell, Casts, Squamous Epithelial cells, Small round Epithelial cells, Epithelial cells, Yeast, Crystal, Mucus, Bacteria (further particles for sub-classification by user available)
RBC morphological analysis: Histograms with information about size, form and chroma of RBC
Measurement technology Automated microscopic urine sediment particle analysis in low (LP: 100x) and high power (HP: 400x). Identified and auto-classified particles are presented in whole field of view images (LP and HP) after being sedimented in the counting chamber.

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