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Modern, easy and cost-efficient urine diagnosis with Analyticon urine test strips.
Today urine test strips are a modern medical aid, which allow declarations on the status as also on pathological changes in the organism. The strips offer test results in a simple, uncomplicated manner with low effort in a short time.

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More details & features

Advantages of CombiScreen® test strips:
  • Clear color changes in the clinical decision range
  • Highest quality through rigorous quality standards and modern state-of-the-art automated production facilities
  • The comparison scales of our test strips are manufactured acc. to the enamel-printing method, assuring highest color-consistancy and comparability
  • Visual or automatic evaluation through complete analyzer range; from analyzers for the doctor's office to fully-automated analyzers for the community lab

It's your choice

You may order a 50 strip-bottle from Analyticon as well as a big bottle with 100 strips. Some of our combinations can be offered as saving-bottle with 150 strips. Please do not hesitate and ask your sales contact person. In case of higher order quantities, we even produce customized combinations with your label. From detection of glucose only to the detection of all parameters, every combination is possible.

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